Custom Starter/Travel Kit

Custom Starter/Travel Kit

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Choose from our wide assortment of products to create your own custom Starter or Travel kit.

We will bottle, label and print the ingredient and instruction cards to meet you specific needs. Please allow an extra few days in handling for this special treatment to be completed to perfection.

Step 1. Look through our products and decide which 5 you would like to be packaged up for you.

Step 2. Purchase the Customized Starter/Travel Set.

Step 3. Once you go to the shopping cart look for the box "Special Instructions for Seller" where you can enter your choices by simply using the number associated with each product. ex: 1, 8, 10, 16, 21

I have included a product quick reference guide for you below. You can print it out, enlarge it or save this PDF by clicking here.

Custom Starter/Travel Kit